Chevalier des Vents



Agility d12
Smart d6
Spirit d8
Strenght d6
VIgor d6


Climbing d8
Fighing d12
Notice d8
Stealth d12
Shooting d6
Street wise d6
Throwing d6

Charisma :
Pace 12
Parry 8
Toughness 5


Code of honor (Character keeps his oword and act like a gentleman)
Loyal (This hero tries to never betray and disappoint his friends)
Caucious (the hero is over careful)


Attractive (+ 2 charisma)
→ Very attractive (charisma is set to ==
4) Brave (==2 Fear test)
Dodge (-1 to be hit with ranged attack)
improved dodge ( -2 t be hit with ranged attack)
Elan (When a bennie is spend for a roll add ==
==2 to the final total)
Extraction (Ignore one foe free attack when withdrawing with an Agility Roll)


—> Relics

Insigne du de la Déesse des vents
May take one free action at the beginiing of a turn cycle.
+4 Parry
You can’t be reconized when you don’t desire it.

Short sword (Str+d6)


Swifter than the Sun : Spend 3 power points. Your movement rate is twice as your fastet pursuer or quarry, to a minimum of 60 feet per move action.
Liar’s Flawless Grace : YOur lies can never be detected as such by magic or other special abilities.
Windsinger : SPend 6 power points. Control weather within a mile, from still air to rainstorm strong enough to knock down fragilestructures and make mundane archery impossible. Weather changes occur instantly on the use of this power and until the end of the day.



Carillon, la Cité Sainte Tabulation